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Altitude : Sea Level

Tourism Season : September to March

Temperature : Min 16 Degree - Max 36 Degree

Location : 13 Kms from Trivandrum

Nearest Airport : Trivandrum

Nearest Railway Station : Trivandrum

Kovalam is the most important beach in Kerala. The word "Kovalam" means a grove of coconut trees and true to its name the village offers an enormous sight of coconut trees. The beach has three parts. The southern most beach is light house beach which is most famous. The northern beach is Samudra beach. The beach which lies in the middle is known as Hawah beach.

Years ago, Kovalam was a fishing village. Fish and toddy were the major attractions there. The Maharaja of Travancore who has taken initiative to renovate this area into a finest beach. Today the beach of Kovalam has got international attention. Thousands of domestic and international tourists visit Kovalam every year. Today Kovalam has a significant position in the Kerala Tourism sector.

The scenic beauty and the serenity of the sea have a magical spell over the viewers. A lot of restaurants have been set up in this area which provide western food as well as Indian foods mainly Indian seafood. The Indian seafoods are favourite among the foreigners who visit this area. Several Ayurvedic Massage Parlours and Yoga Centres have been started here for the convenience of the visitors.

The blue sea, the white sandbed and the raw of coconut trees creating the magical beauty of Kovalam. The moonlit nights are marvelous on the beach. The sea here is ideal place for safe swimming. You can walk into the sea for about 100 metres without loosing ground. At several places there are beautiful corel reefs. The underwater is visible in some areas.

Kovalam now is an extremely commercialised beach now. You can go shopping in Kovalam. Handicrafts and spices can be purchased here. There are several shopping stalls lined along the beach. Accommodation facilities are plenty in Kovalam. Luxury to budget hotels are available. You have to reserve the accommodation well in advance. The hotels and resorts are crowded almost all round the year.

In Monsoon during June to October the tidal waves will be high and the beach will not be safe for swimming. September to March is the best time to visit Kovalam.

The nearest railway station and airport to Kovalam is Thiruvananthapuram which is about 20 Km. distance. Kovalam is connected with road and is accessible from any of the Indian cities.

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