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Altitude : 2100 m

Best Season: October to May

Temperature : Min 16 Degree - Max 36 Degree

Location : 76 Kms from Kozhikode

Nearest Airport : Kozhikode

Nearest Railway Station : Kozhikode

Wayanad is a district in the northeast part of the Kerala state with Kalpetta as its headquarters. The district has come into existence in November 1980. The name Wayanad means the land of paddy fields (vayal=paddy field and naadu=land). There are paddy fields and other plantations on a large area of Wayanad.

The forest, lakes, rivers and waterfalls surrounds he mainland of Wayanad. So the wildlife also is rich in this area. Wayanad is a haven for nature lovers. The flora and fauna of Wayanad always allured them. Most of the resident people of Wayanad are engaged in agriculture. Being developed into an important tourist place, there are several hotels and resorts that have come up during the recent years.

Where is Wayanad is not to be asked. It is well known that Wayanad is situated in the northeastern region of Kerala. Wayanad is a hilly place covered with paddy fields and other plantations. The forest area in Wayanad surrounds the land with a rich wildlife. The exotic journey through the paddy fields and plantations is an exciting one. One can reach Wayanad by road only. The nearest railway station in Wayanad is Kozhikode. The wildlife of Wayanad consists of elephants, bison, deer, tiger and several species of birds and butterflies. Some endangered species also can be seen in Wayanad. This green paradise is a gift of nature to Kerala state.

Wayanad in Kerala is in the north east part of the state. It is a unique place with its picturesque mountains and forest land. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are fascinating here. There are several tourist spots in Wayanad like the wildlife sanctuary, Edakkal Caves, thirunelli temple etc. Chethalayam Waterfalls is a great viewpoint in the sightseeing. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is rich with tropical plants and animals. The nature of Wayanad with its forest, rivers and waterfalls always fascinated people around the country. There are several places in Wayanad which are important places of sightseeing.

The nearest airport and railway station to Wayanad is Kozhikode which is about 96 Kms. away. Wayanad can be easily reachable from Kozhikode by road. The best time to visit Wayanad is from August to May.

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