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Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple is the one and only lake temple in Kerala which is located in Kasargod district of Kerala state. The exact place is known as Naikap. This beautiful temple is situated in the middle of a lake. This is the original abode of Anandapadmanabhaswamy (Lord Vishnu).

This temple is a architectural beauty made up of granite. The temple has a calm and beautiful atmosphere. The greenery around the pond is charming. There is a small stream near the temple which is known as Papanasini which is also considered as sacred. Ananthapura Lake Temple is an ancient temple with walls decorated with several murals.

A crocodile is living in the temple pond which is believed to be the protector of this sacred temple. It is believed that if a crocodile dies, it is mysteriously replaced by another. One of the major attractions of this temple is this crocodile.

The original idol of the deity is made up of 70 medicinal substances. This original idol is kept near the present idol made up of pancha loha. It is believed that this temple has a cave-way connecting the Thiruvananthapuram Ananthapadmanabha Temple and which is having hidden treasures.

Another distinct feature is that this temple allows to enter the temple irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. The festival of this temple is celebrated in April every year.

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