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Aranmula is a beautiful village located further inland from Chengannur, (9 km west) on the Ernakulam Quilon railroad. It is on the left bank of the Pampa river. ; it is from here that the sacred jewels of Ayyappan are taken in procession to Sabarimalai each year. Aranmula Vallamkali is also known for involvement of spectacular procession of snake boats. It is also linked with legends from the Mahabharata. A unique mirror-making tradition survives (16th century) at the village of Aranmula, Kerala, southern India.

Aranmula Vallamkali has manifold significance. It has contributed immensely to the communal harmony as it has become a cosmopolitan, social event, participated by people of all religions, age and creed. It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Unlike the sporting and competitive aspects of other boat races artistic, social and religious too aspects are given importance. This beautiful little village in the district of Pathanamthitta, Kerala is well known for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna as Parthasarathy.

The Aranmula Mirror (Aranmula Kannadi) is very famous all over the world. Here, a cast high-tin bronze mirror of 33% tin with highly polished surface or reflective properties is made which is comparable to, if not much better than, modern mercury glass-coated mirrors. Aranmula kannadi is famous for its secret manufacturing method and uniqueness. It is the only metal mirror available. The mirror is hand made. It is believed that the Aranmula kannadi brings prosperity and wealth to homes.

Pulikkunnumala Mahadeva Temple is an old temple in Aranmula which is said to have been worshipped by the Pandavas. Aranmula is popular for the Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam, the traditional way of building construction. The town of Aranmula is situated on the banks of the river Pamba. It is here that one of the important events known as Maramon Convention is held every year. Aranmula palace is a traditional kerala palace which has a history of 200 years. Aranmula palace is the halt place of the holy journey Thiruvabarana khosayatra (the procession carrying the golden ornaments of the lord Ayyappa) at Aranmula.

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