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Beypore is a small coastal village in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala. Tippu Sultan named the town “Sultan Pattanam”.This place also has a small port and a beautiful beach. Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala from where trading was done to the Middle East. Calicut Beypore is also famous for building wooden ships knownas Beypore Uru. The boat building yard here is famous for the construction of the Uru. Nearby attractions in Beypore include the fishing harbour, hardly a kilometer from the shipbuilding yard and Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, which is about 7 km from Beypore.

The Kadalundi estuary is considered as a birdwatchers, paradise, due to the variety of local as well as migratory bird life. Migratory birds flock here in large numbers during February-March. The Beypore beach, situated at the mouth of the River Chaliyar near Kozhikode (Calicut) in North Kerala. It was one of the major ports and fishing harbors of elapsed times and enjoyed immense importance in the trade and maritime History of Kerala. Above all Beypore was world famous for its ship-building industry and lured the Arabs with the specially built vessels named uru. The traditional shipbuilders were known as Khalasis, who are adept in ship building knowledge and craft.

Beypore fishing harbor is the livelihood for thousands of people living in and around beypore. Here, a day breaks with the sound of auctions. Men who bring ashore boat full of fishes if they were lucky, would sell it to market people by auction. You can find people rushing around with sacks or boxes to get a good deal. Most of the seafood are exported to other countries. Apart from the fishing harbor, the Beypore port, one of the biggest in kerala, is the channel for most of the import export business based in south India.

Beypore lighthouse is situated on the south side of the mouths of Chaliyar river in Malabar. The nearest village is Chaliyam connected to Kozhikode Railway station. Beypore port had the trade links with Europe, Arabia and the ports on Indian coast. It was also the base port for Lakshadweep Islands (Androth, Agatti, Kavaratti, Suhelipar and Kalpeni) and continues even now to be the base for Machine Cum Sailing vessels of Lakshadweep.

There was a mast and flag provided at Beypore port in the 18th century for entry to the port. The Dutch fort also served as a land mark. A column was raised in the early 19th century on which an occulting light was provided. The British gave importance to the port at Calicut as such they constructed a lighthouse there. Beypore regained its importance after 1956. It became essential to establish a major Lighthouse in the region. The Beypore Lighthouse was constructed in 1977.

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