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Christmas In Kerala

All Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25th Dec. Holy Mass is held in all the churches in the state onthe day of Christmas Kerala. Carol singing, setting up of Christmas tree in all churches and homes, exchanges of cards and receiving gifts from Santa Claus are all integral part of the festivities associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. There is a feast in every Christian home with meat as a special item, and the celebrations of Christmas leave good memories in every heart. It has intermingled with the spirit and Culture Of Kerala of secular India and has become the very own religion of many Keralites.

Now a large number of affluent Christian Communities live in Kerala. So Kerala Christmas is celebrated in Kerala with great pomp and vigor. By celebrating the solemn festival of Christmas, the message of unconditional love, brotherhood and compassion is circulated everywhere.

The entire people of Kerala without the difference of caste and creed celebrate Christmas. The fervor and gaiety visible through out Kerala is standing testimony to that. Difference in religious belief does not stand in their way in welcoming the birth of Christ. Business men have a hay day as sales of every thing reaches in it feverish pitch.

In cathedrals and churches, the nativity of Jesus is enacted through miniature models. The hymn 'Gloria in exelcis Deo' is intoned admidst the explosion of crackers.Carols and songs developed from nativity plays are sung. Priests hold the Holy Mass in churches at midnight.

People of Kerala make advance arrangements to welcome this day which fall invariably on December 25th. About ten days before Keralites make hexagonal star shaped frame from bamboo log pieces and cover it with translucent color paper. A lighted lamp is placed in it at night. This star is hung high on the branch of a tree in front of the house.

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