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Edathua is a small town in Alleppey (Alappuzha) district which is a religion centre in the name of St. George Church, popularly known as Edathua Church. The St. George's church at Edathua stands on the bank of the river Pampa, sixteen miles southeast Alappuzha.

This church is famous for the feast of St. George celebrated every year in the month of Medam (April-May). It takes place from 27th April till 7th of May. Edathua festival lasts for 11 days, only last couple of days carry all the aspects of a major festival. Hence calendars reckon the 6th of May as the feast day. During the feast, the statue of St.George, decked in gold, was carried out in procession and placed on the dais at the centre of the Basilica.

Apart from the church, there are a number of Hindu temples such as Changakary, Pandakary, Mithrakary, Kozhimukku. The name Edthua originated from 'Edathavalam' which means 'resting place' for the kings, and peoples who traveling through the rivers.

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