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Erumeli is a small town in the Pathanamthitta district and a biggest pilgrim centre in Kerala. The mosque in Erumeli is associated with Lord Ayyappa. Erumeli is a small town, 60 kms north east of Kottayam town. Erumeli is the gateway to the Sabarimala temple. Some of the devotees go to Sabarimala by walk form Erumeli to Sabarimala which is nearly 50 miles.

Erumeli to Pamba is a journey through the forests. Erumeli is a famous place for its Vavar mosque. Vavar was the friend and companion of Lord Ayyappa, the deity in Sabarimala temple. The pilgrims going this way to Sabarimala halt here and give offering to Vavar by way of breaking coconuts on a stone by throwing on it.

Thousands of pilgrims join the procession of Petta Thullal which is believed that the re-enactment of the annihilation of Mahishi by Lord Ayyappa. The mosque in Erumeli is associated with Vavar. Several pilgrims use to visit the mosque and the temple in Erumeli.

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