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Farm Tourism In Kerala

Known as the God's Own Country, Kerala is a blessed land with all the natural beauties. The serene backwaters, calm beaches, hill stations, house boats, wild life, temples, culture and traditions, ayurvedic therapies, greenery, monsoon all these factors make Kerala distinct from any other land in India. The backwater tourism has emerged as one of the popular tourist activity in Kerala. The hill stations like Munnar and Wayanad are alluring.

Farm Tourism In Kerala is an integral part of Eco Tourism but there is a slight difference. While artificially created landscapes are part of Eco Tourism - gardens, pond etc - the goal of Farm Tourism is to show the curious tourist about Nature in her pristine purity. Kerala Farm Tourism preserves the environment. Chemical Farming is also prohibited, as no processes which damage Nature is allowed. Organic Farming and its development give tremendous impetus to Farm Tourism Kerala.

The tourists who come to Kerala expects to see the real beauty that lies in the rural part of the state. They have read About Kerala as true traditional and cultural state with families based in love. But they donít get the opportunity to experience the village life and to live within that atmosphere. Most tourists come from cultures which does not give much importance to family attachments & village or Rural Life. In villages people live in harmony with nature which is otherwise not possible in big cities where people are always business minded.

You get fresh air & fresh water in villages in contrast to polluted air and polluted water in cities. The Government has decided to allow 5 percent of the total farm are for tourism purposes. Government is to implement projects to set up farms and plantations to encourage the farm tourism, This is a positive sign of the development of farm tourism in Kerala.

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