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Haripad is a town in the Alleppey (Alappuzha) district which is known as 'the town of temples'. There are eighteen Hindu temples there and more than 30 more in the surrounding countryside. The most famous temples are Haripad Temple and the Mannarassala Nagaraja Temple. Being one of the important Pilgrim Centres In Kerala, several religious pilgrims visit Haripad every year.

It is a matter of pride that Haripad still remains attached to the heart of rural beauty and charm despite the influence of urbanization. The name Haripad is derived from malayalam word 'Aripad', which means rice. During earlier days it was this place from where rice came for the state.

The Subrahmanya Swamy Temple of Haripad is the oldest and important temple of Lord Subramanya. The temple festival is held during August or September every year. Being one of the prestigious Temples In Kerala, several devotees visit the temple everyday. The temple is situated very near to the Haripad town.

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