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Homestay In Kollam

Kollam (otherwise known as Quilon) is a district in Kerala in the South West Coast of Kerala. Kollam has several historical importance. It is an old sea port of the Arabian Sea. It is the southern gateway to the Kerala Backwaters of Kerala and is a prominent tourist destination. The name Kollam is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word Kollam which means pepper.

Kollam is a trading centre on the west coast. Chinese traveller Ibn Batuta visited Kollam in the 14th century. He recorded that Kollam was one of the five important ports he visited during his travel of twenty four years. Kollam became an important city during the 9th century. The Malayalam era - called the Kollam era - was established by Marthanda Varma, the then ruler of Kollam in 825 AD. Kollam also has some notable importance in Indian history during the British Rule. Kollam was a major centre of the movement organized by freedom fighter Veluthampi Dalava.

Being a tourist destination several tourists visit Kollam every year. There has been several facilities for home stay in Kollam. Kollam Home stay provides comfortable stay just as you are staying in your home. Neat and homely food will be served. Some home stays have their own arrangement for sight seeing with the help of a guide. Several big hotel groups have their own homestay facilities. Ashirwad Homestay, Chamavila Homestay, Clifford Homestay, Jalasubiksha Homestay, Meadows HOmestay, Munampel Royal Shelter, Summer House Homestay, Nalukettil Homestay, Sea Breeze Homestay, Sundara Theeram Homestay are some of the major homestay in Kollam.

The backwater tourism is the major tourism activity in Kollam. The beaches of Kollam are ideal for swimming and bathing.

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