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Hotels In Palakkad

Palakkad, located near the Western Ghats is a major tourist destination in Kerala. Well known for its vast expanses of paddy fields and palms, the thick forests, history, culture, Palakkad has a unique character and personality. Often known as the granary of Kerala, Palakkad has vast tracts of paddy fields. The tourist attractions of Palakkad are diverse. Malampuzha dam, Silent Valley, Attapady hills and Parambikulam are the most beautiful in Palakkad.

Palakkad is the most fertile and thickly forested region of Kerala which derives its name from the 'Pala' tree and 'Kadu' meaning forest. The Palakkad lies at the foot of the colossal Western Ghats. With few hillocks much of the area is made up of plains. The plains are very fertile and productive and that's why the district is considered the Granary of Kerala.

Several hotels in Palghat that have emerged in the near past as a result of Palghat becoming a tourist spot. Hotel Indraprastha, Hotel Gazala Inn, Sri Chackra International, Sayoojyam Residency, Malampuzha Garden House, Hotel KPM Regency, Aramana Hotel, Sneha Regency, Tamarind Easy Hotel are some of the good hotels in Palakkad.

Most of the Palakkad hotels are expensive. But there are also several budget hotels Palakkad. One can easily reserved booking for rooms in hotels at Palakkad.

The following is a list of hotels in Palakkad

Hotel Gazala Inn

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Govardhana Holiday Village Resort

Sneha Regency

Sayoojyam Residency

Sri Chackra International

Hotel KPM Regency

Malampuzha Garden House

Hotel Indraprastha

Tamarind Easy Hotel

Aramana Hotel

Rathna Residency

Sree Annapoorna Lodging

Hotel Fort Palace

Hotel Gazala

Emarald Hotel Silent valley

Hotel Soorya City

Aryas Hotel

Ashok Bhavan Hotel

Badriya Hotel

Chanakya Hotel

Goodluck Hotel

Green Park Hotel

Greenland Hotel

Hariharaputhra Hotel

Highway Hotel

Hotel Indraprastha

Hotel Soorya City

ITL Holidays & Resorts (DTPC)

K P M International Hotel

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