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Hotels In Wayanad

Literally, the word Wayanad means Vayal Nadu, where Vayal means Paddy fields and Nadu the land. Wayanad is explicitly beautiful with mist clad mountains, intense forests and fertile green plantations. The forests of Wayanad are cosmic landmasses for animals to enjoy their natural dwelling.

Wayanad is one of the exquisite hill stations of Kerala. It is a revenue state due to foreign exchange of cash crops such as vanilla, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom and many other condiments.

Being one of the important tourist destinations in Kerala, there are several Hotels In Wayanad that are waiting for your arrival. Most of the Wayanad Hotels are luxury hotels with state of the art facilities. Hotel Green Gates, Hotel Woodlands, Hotel Heritage, Hotel Mint Flower, Hotel Blue Ginger, Hotel Affas, Hotel Haritagiri, Issac's Hotel Regency etc. are some of the luxury hotels Wayanad. Apart from these hotels, several other budget Hotels In Wayanad are also functioning here. The development of tourism has brought many hotels and resorts to this area.

Most of them have luxurious facilities such as swimming pools, clubs, ayurvedic spa etc. High class couisine is set up everywhere with a good number of staff.

The following is a list of hotels in Wayanad

Green Gates Hotel

Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Wayanad Blooms


Meenmutty Heights

Rain Country Resort

Banasura Hill Resort

Hiliya Resort

Vythiri Village

Coffee County Resort

Orchard Holiday Resort

Kallat Heritage

Blue Ginger Wayanad Resorts

Royal Palm Resort

Rain Country Resorts

Sunbird Garden Resort

Vythiri Greens

Wayanad Nature Resorts

Thirunelli Agraharam

Stream Valley Cottages

Haritagiri Hotel

Wayanad Resorts

Greeshmam Resort

Chandragiri Inn

PPS Tourist Home

Aashirvad's Pleasant Stays

Wynberg Resort

The Woodlands Hotel

Royal Palm Residency

Issacís Hotel Regency

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