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Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

A land-locked district, Idukki is one of the most nature-rich areas of Kerala. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary here spreads over an area of 77 sq km in the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of the district. Situated at an altitude of 450-748 m above sea level, Idukki wildlife occupies the forest land between the Cheruthoni and Periyar rivers. There is a scenic lake around the sanctuary, covered by an enchanting canopy of tropical ever-green and deciduous trees, and offers boat rides.

Like the other Kerala Wildlife sanctuaries, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary also is rich with flora and fauna. Elephants, bison, sambar deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, wild boar etc. are seen here apart from various species of snakes including cobra, viper, kraits and numerous non-poisonous ones. Birds include grey jungle fowl, Malabar grey hornbill, several species of woodpeckers, bulbuls, flycatchers, etc. The wildlife here is similar to that of Thekkady. This sanctuary lies adjacent to the world renowned Idukki Arch Dam.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary was came into existence in 1976. The world famous arch dam of Idukk8i and the vast lake make this place more important. Large tracts of forests were clearfelled and such areas were converted to plantations. This sanctuary has a large variety of flora and fauna. Among the mammals, there are elephants, bison, sambar, deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, wild boar etc.

Reptiles like cobra, viper, krait and a large number of non poisonous snakes are also there.

Idukki Wilflife Sanctuary receives heavy railfall with an average of annual shower of about 3800 mm. The temperature of this sanctuary varies from 13 to 29 degrees. March and April will be the hottest period of the year.

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