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Jewish Synagogue In Cochin

The Jewish Synagogue Kochi, the oldest Synagogue in the common wealth countries was built in 1568 AD. Located at Mattancherry, the Synanogue still has the scrolls of the Old Testament and the copper plates, which recorded the grants of privilege, bequeathed by the Kochi rulers.

Among all the common wealth countries of the world, the Synagogue Jewish Kochi is the oldest existing synagogue. The prosperous Jewish trading community built it in 1568 AD. It was partially destroyed in the 1962 war. Later it was rebuilt by the Dutch. Jewish synagogue Cochin is one of the most important historical monuments in Kerala.

This place of worship attracts numerous visitors every year because of its beautiful furnishings. There are splendid Chinese tiles that have been used to decorate throughout the entire synagogue. None of these tiles resemble the other. On top of the decorations in the synagogue, there are giant scrolls of the Old Testament. Jews actually started to live in the area beginning in around 700 BC. The Jewish Synagogue In Kochi is situated near the Dutch Palace in Mattancherry. The Jewish Synagogue In Kochi is the oldest existing synagogue which was built by the Jewish trading community.

The Jewish Synagogue, Kochi is one of the beautiful sightseeing destinations in Kerala. Being centrally located in Mattancherry, the synagogue is easily accessible. The nearest airport to the Jewish Synagogue, Kochi is the Cochin International Airport. Ernakulam Junction is the nearest railway station 10 km away and Mattancherry is well connected with metaled roads with the nearby towns and cities.

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