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Kalaripayattu in Kerala is one the most famous martial arts that has caught the attention of the world. Several Kalaripayattu schools are functioning in Malabar area of Kerala. This art form has been formed by the ancient masters on the basis of the human anatomy. A good practitioner of Kalaripayattu can utilise five senses extremely and thereby he can achieve attention, speed, strength, accuracy, health, immunity, memory power and concentration.

In Kalaripayattu, defending techniques are important rather than attacking. For becoming an expert in Kalarippayattu, one should have concentration, good understanding, and the ability to perform action with skill. The influence of Kalaripayattu can be seen in other art forms of Kerala such as Kathakali, Kolkali, Teyyam, Poorakkali, Velakali etc. The basic functioning of Kalaripayattu is similar to Natya Shastra (The science of dance) and Yoga.

Kalaripayattu is helpful for a healthy body and mind. By practicising Kalaripayattu one can boost up his energy level. It will be beneficial to himself as well as his family and the society.

The origin of Kalaripayattu has a mythical story about Parasurama, who created Kerala by throwing his axe into the ocean. The land emerged from the sea. In order to protect the land and its people, Parasurama has introduced this martial art form. According to Puranas, Parasurama started 108 Kalaris in Kerala.

Training in Kalaripayattu is better to start on seven years of age. Beginners start with training in balance and body flexibility and then go to advanced lessons. Kalaripayattu requires speed, concentration and co-ordination of body parts. The training to become a Master includes knowledge in Ayurveda and human anatomy which will help to understand vital nervous points.

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