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Kathakali In Malayalam

The language of the songs used for Kathakali is a mix of Malayalam and Sanskrit called Manipravaalam. Katha means story and Kali stands for dance. Kathakali in Malayalam is the most popular art form in which the entire body is used to portray a story. The Kathakali artistes wear elaborate costumes, ornaments and facial make-up.

Kathakali is one of the traditional art form held in malayalam language. Many foreigners and tourists are interested to know the details about katahakali. Kathakali songs lyrics is a combined form of two languages like Malayalam and Sanskrit. So many books are published about Kathakali history in Malayalam language. Kathakali literally meaning 'story-dance' is the dance - drama of Malabar. Kathakali is the soul and pride of Kerala.

Kathakali dance performs on the basis of any story and the performer tells story through facial expressions, gestures then the audience get a clear idea about the story. Foreigners are very passionate on Malayalam Kathakali. According to the theme, a Kathakali in Malayalam, song suggests the use of a particular Bhaava and Rasa (aesthetic delights) and the dance and mimicry are rendered most effectively in harmony with these aesthetic appeals. A landmark in the history of Kathakali literature was Unnaayi Varier's Nalacharitam written during the mid eighteenth century. The Kathakali performances had the patronage of the wealthy kings and the Namboodiris who spent their leisure time in watching and enjoying the performances.

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