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Kerala Festivals

Kerala is a land of festivals With every change of season the secular and friendly people of Kerala celebrates Kerala Festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. Among all the festivals in Kerala, Onam is the biggest one and is celebrate as the national festival of the state, Kerala.

Onam is the most famous and important festival of Kerala. All Malayali's irrespective of religion celebrate it. It falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (Aug-Sept). It is the harvest festival of Kerala. The first day of Malayalam month Medam is celebrated as Vishu in Kerala. Vishu is considered as the beginning of the New Year by the Keralites. Begin an auspicious day, it is a common belief that the fortune of the coming year depends on the Vishu day.

All Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25th Dec. Holy Mass is held in all the churches in the state onthe day of Christmas Kerala. Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This sacred day marks the victory of life over death. Easter is observed on the Sunday between March 22 and April 25. Easter Sunday concludes with the weeklong reminiscence of the Passion, Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Idul-Fitr, of late known by the misnomer 'Ramadan' is one of the two festivals of Islam. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar year. This Muslim festival of sacrifice, Id-ul-Zuha or Bakrid In Kerala is celebrated with peace and prayers. It falls on the 10th of Dhul-Hagg, the last month of the lunar year.

Navarathri, Maha Shivarathri, Asthami Rohini. Thrikarthika, Miladi Sharif, Muharram etc are also festivals which Keralites celebrate with job and happiness. Kerala celebrates each and every festival but apart from all there are certain religious as well as cultural festivals that are celebrated with great excitement in the state.

Thrissur Pooram is one of the most important and colourful Festivals Of Kerala state. The Pooram is celebrated every year at the Trissur Vadakkunathan Temple. The history of the festival shows that the festival was introduced by Sakthan Thampuram who was the ruler of Cochin State in the 18th century. The Panchavadyam and the fire works are the important events in the Pooram festivities.

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