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Kerala Foods

Kerala foods have a deep route into the history and culture. Kerala is also called the Land of Spices apart from Godís Own County and so most of the Foods In Kerala both vegetarian and non vegetarian are prepared with unique style, using the locally found spices, coconut milk, and coconut oil, curry leaf, tamarind, mustard seed, chilly as well as coconut paste, which makes the food delicious and unique in taste. Coconut and banana chips are the indispensable part of Kerala food. Food in Kerala has its own distinctive delicacies and flavor, rich in taste that will leave anyone lick the finger.

Kerala cuisine prepared with fish,chicken,meat,vegetables. Rice and Tapioca are the staple food of Kerala. The main food for lunch and dinner is boiled rice. Normally Kerala Foods are very spicy. Keralians gives more important for preparing food and its presentation.

Keralites normally include a lot of coconut in their food which is the secret of the deliciousness of the Kerala foods. The coconut oil and coconut milk are mainly used in Kerala foods. Seafoods like fish, crab, shellfish are cooked with several spices is also a tasty Kerala food.

Kerala has a large variety of dishes which are favourites to all. Kerala Sadya - - the typical Kerala Hindu feast served on a banana leaf, is a sumptuous spread of rice and more than 14 vegetable dishes, topped with payasam or pradhamans, the delicious sweet dessert.

Seafood is very popular in Kerala and consumed with every meal. Various fish including sardines, mackerel, tuna, rays and shark are eaten, as are crabs, mussels and oysters. Fried fish and Fish Curry are popular Kerala dishes. Tapioca and fish curry is Kerala's ideal food which is very tasty also.

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