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Kerala Holidays

Kerala is a most popular tourist destinations for people all over the world, because this land of Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The hill stations, plantations, beaches, rivers, lakes, backwaters and waterfalls are all specialities of Kerala. It is believed that the name of Kerala means the land of 'kera' (coconut). What legends tell About Kerala is that Lord Parasurama threw an axe into the ocean and land emerged from the ocean which is known as the land of Kerala.

There is no other state in India where there is all sort of enthusiasm of tourist attraction with tangible beauty, Arabian Sea, coastal belts, midland plains, Western Ghats, world famous backwaters, lush hill stations, Ayurveda, exotic wildlife, sprawling plantations, paddy fields, spice jungle, flora and fauna, infinity of intriguing customs, rich cultural life and many more. The state of Kerala of India lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats and thus Kerala has got a distinct geographical importance.

Kerala is almost at per with the most advanced countries of the world with literacy rate of 100%, world standards of health, and a hard working, determined, dedicated population is always setting standards in almost all the spheres of its activity. Tour to Kerala better known as “Gods Own Country” is further beautifying this land with temples, palaces, forts, synagogues and many more structures. Holidays in Kerala is always preferred by people all over the country.

Kerala being a suitable destination for a honeymoon toon, family tour, healthcare tour or a business tour, a lot of holiday packages are available for Kerala. The backwaters of Kumarakom and Kuttanad, the canals and lagoons surrounded by paddy fields, coconut trees and tiny villages, are treasurers of Kerala tourism.

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