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Kerala Meals

Like the unique cultural and natural heritage of the state, the cuisines of Kerala are also unique, special, and matchless. The Kerala Meals reflect the culinary expertise of the people. Generally, the The Kerala cuisines are hot and spicy, fresh, aromatic, and flavored.

Kerala is a rice producing state and the staple food here is rice. Rice and fish or tapioca and fish is considered tasty food which is a favouriate of most of the Kerala people. Thus, the traditional meals Kerala are a result of the mix of the local Kerala produce and the traditional expertise, with coconut and bananas.

Kerala meal is a combination of rice, sambar, rasam, avial, thoran, olen, acchaar etc. 'Sadya' - the typical Kerala Hindu feast served on a banana leaf, is a sumptuous spread of rice and more than 14 vegetable dishes, topped with payasam or pradhamans, the delicious sweet dessert.

The spicy dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, from the Kerala are delicious. Most of these dishes are made using coconut and coconut oil. Spices are fried and grounded at home itself for more tasty and healthy food preparation. Kerala is famous for its seafood varieties. Kerala Fish Curry, fish fry are also tasty. Thoran, Aviyal, Olen, Pachadi, Sambar, Fish Curry, Fish Fry, Stew etc. are favourite Kerala dishes. Tapioca and fish curry is one of Kerala's own favourite dish.

In addition to that, Kerala has a tradition of a variety of payasams like Ada Pradhaman, Paalada Payasam, Pal Payasam, Ethakka Payasam, Parippu Payasam etc., which are also consumed with Kerala meals.

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