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Kerala Photos

Kerala, the God's own country has a great scenic beauty. The hill stations, beaches and backwaters are rich landscapes of natural beauty. The memories of the Kerala trip with be evergreen in one's mind.

A paradise on earth which is wedged between Arabian Sea on the West and the Western Ghats on the East a narrow strip of land known as Kerala, is a destination of a lifetime. Popularly known as God's own country Kerala occupies a pivotal place in the world tourism map. Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Kerala is a land of great natural beauty. From the majestic heights of the Western Ghats the country undulates westward presenting a vista of silent valleys clothed in the richest green.

Because of this natural beauty, Kerala photos have great charming and it is commonly used in paintings and wallpapers. Photos of Kerala is always included in the world tourism map. The misty mountains, wildlife, rivers, lakes etc. form a fantastic gallery of Kerala pictures.

Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Kerala has every scope for a good collection of photos of its evergreen mountains, dense forests stately palms, swift flowing rivers, extensive backwaters and blue lagoons. A collection of Kerala Photos helps you get a glimpse of the Mesmerizing beauty of Kerala. Several Kerala Photos and wall papers are readily available online.

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