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Kerala Temples

Kerala is a land of temples and festivals. The state of Kerala has a great culture of temple architecture. The architecture of Kerala Temples are unique. There are several temples all over the land of Kerala. Temples have a sacred and serene atmosphere where the devotees can pray to God. Elephants are a main part of the temple festivals in Kerala.

Sabarimala is the most important of all the temples. It is the most popular pilgrimage centre in Kerala. Lord Ayyappa is the deity here. Eighteen steps to the temple are considered sacred. Millions take pilgrimage to Sabarimala every year.

Guruvayoor is another most important temple in Kerala. Guruvayoorappan is the youthful form of Lord Krishna. The Guruvayoor temple festival is during February or March every year. The Elephant Race is a popular and important event here.

Sree Padmanabha Temple is an important temple which has great historical significance also. The architecture of the temple is marvelous. This ancient temple has recently revealed an abundant treasure in its hidden cells.

Mannarasala is an ancient snake temple in Kerala. There are several carved images of snakes around the temple. The annual festival falls on the Aayilyam asterism in the month of Libra.

Chottanikkara Temple is one of the most important Bhagavathy temple in Kerala. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy is an important deity of Kerala. The temple is located in Ernakulam district.

Ambalapuzha Temple is one of the three Krishna temples in Kerala. Lord Krishna is worshiped here as as a child known as Unnikrishna. The Ambalapuzha Paayasam in this temple is well known.

The Triprayar Temple is an important Sri Rama Temple in Kerala. The temple is in the Trissoor district. The temple has a marvelous architecture with great wood carvings.

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