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Lakes In Kerala

Kerala is a land which is abundant in water resources. There are several lakes in Kerala. The important Kerala lakes are Sasthamkotta Lake, Vembanad Lake, Ashtamudi Lake, Akkulam Lake, Pookot Lake etc. The Lakes In Kerala have significant role in the Kerala Tourism sector. Backwaters are one of the most alluring and economically valuable features of Kerala.

Most of the Kerala lakes are used for backwater tourism. The backwater Tourism In Kerala is developing rapidly. the biggest Lake In Kerala is the Vembanad Lake and the second is Ashtamudi Lake. Sastamkota lake is the largest natural fresh water lake of the state.

The water resources like rivers, waterfalls and lakes make this land a heaven on earth. Small streams make water bodies locked from all sides. Such water bodies slowly transform into big lakes. There are several beautiful Lakes In Kerala with fresh water received from rivulets and from monsoon. A journey through these lakes will surely

Kerala has 34 lakes which are always filled with sparkling water. Water sports are common on these lakes. These lakes are famous for its numerous boat races held during annual festivals.

Vembanadu Lake is the longest lake in India and the largest in Kerala. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted in this lake. The race is conducted at Kuttanad region where the Lake is known as Punnamada Lake. Punnamada Lake is a portion of the Vembenad Lake which is the longest and the biggest lake in Kerala. This lake spreads into a large area. So the lake is called in different names in several areas like Kochi Lake in Kochi.

Akkulam Lake is a serene and peaceful and beautiful lake where picnic and backwater tourism are conducted. Boating is the most popular activity here. Ashtamudi Lake in Quilon is the largest and deepest lake in Kerala. This lake is a palm tree shaped one.

Sasthamkotta Lake is considered as the largest fresh water lake in Kerala. The lake provides drinking water to half a million people of the Quilon district. Mananchira, Veeranpuzha, Vellayani Lake, Paravur Kayal, Pookode Lake are some of the major lakes in Kerala.

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