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Marayoor, also termed as Marayur, a nearby hill station, popularly chosen by honeymoon couples, research and scientific groups and movie makers, due to the silent and comfortable atmosphere to their holidays stay and related jobs, is ideally located at the foot hills of western ghats amidst Kerala sandal wood reserves. It is a beautiful journey from Marayoor to Munnar.

The wind here is so medicated because of rare species of herbal plants in vast collections. Munnar Marayoor is very easily reachable by Munnar (one hour) and towards Udumalpet, Coimbatore Road tourists. From both directions (east from Munnar and west from Coimbatore) specifically shows interest to stop here for its own specialities above all.

They have found the place to be free of contaminated pollution from that of the town those from various stress of life find it to have a breath easy atmosphere and sure comfort from even that of ayurvedic facilities which eases their body, mind and soul elevation is 3200 Ft from ‘MSL – Meters above sea level’. Most part of the year is sunny and pleasant except during monsoons it is believed that the mythical Pandavas on exile had camped in Marayoor.

The Pandava Caves and the Muniyaras (Rock Dwellings of ancient sages) add substance to this belief. Historically Marayoor was a hide out for the fugitive Tamils who feared the wrath of Tippu’s mighty sword, when the Mysore Tiger was on a rampage, ravaging the south. At Marayoor because of the thick cultivation of sugarcane, sarkkara (Jaggerine) is richly made here. Other interesting features are the century old cells of hermits, rock paintings, sandalwood forests, flora and fauna, rare species of star tortoise and giant squirrel.

Rajiv Gandhi Children’s Park, Thoovanam Waterfalls, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanthalloor known for its extensive winder vegetable and fruits cultivation with vast paddy fields tribal dance also is arranged here for those interested in traditional views. This is one unique place where there always season throughout the year for various types of fruits or vegetable.Marayoor is not only an ideal tourist destination but it also claims to be a part of the Stone Age Civilization that is as old as 10,000 B.C.

The land and its unique dolmens, caves, rock edicts and engravings declare its rich heritage. The scenic Marayoor is also noted for its natural growth of sandal wood trees and sprawling wild life. Marayoor travellers often find themselves in the middle of history, nature and adventure. Marayoor is still a pristine, celestial and unexplored tourist spot when compared to Munnar which happens to be one of the most sought after hill stations in India.

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