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Medical Tourism Packages

A typical Kerala Medical Tourism packages includes various services that come in competent prices. The medical history of the patient is emailed and discussed,the patient is received at the airport,he is escorted to the hospital for treatment,and following discharge, is offered a recuperative holiday at a resort after which a post treatment check up is ensured before final departure. This is an all inclusive package for the patient and the accompanying person. The demand for medical treatment and surgery in Kerala is increasing especially in the gulf and Europe.The NRIs who prefer treatment in their home country,are playing a significant role in this regard.Several MNCs offer medical treatment options to employees and families at cost effective rates. What with soaring health care costs and long waits for medical procedures in the West, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality, affordable treatment there.India and especially Kerala is emerging as a major medical tourism destination. Kerala tour operators have formulated several medical tourism packages in Kerala. The number of tourists who opt for medical Tour Packages In Kerala have an increase during the recent years.

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