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Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad district. Muthanga Wayanad was declared a wild life sanctuary and several species of wild animals are being protected here. Muthanga is a protected area under state laws. Entry without permission is punishable.

Popularly known as the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular wildlife sanctuary located on the Kerala side of Western Ghats and offers a natural habitat to a large number of wild animals. The Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is located over an area of 344.44 square kilometers and is home to wildlife such as Gaur, sloth bears, sambhar, elephants, reptiles, tigers, spotted deer, monkeys, panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, wild dogs, bison, lizards, bears, wild pigs, leopards,lion-tailed macaque and other animals. Muthanga in Kerala, South India is a special Project Elephant site and you are bound to see herds of elephants frolicking near the water holes as you course the wildlife trails within this lush wildlife sanctuary. Sit on elephant back and follow the nature trails at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kerala, South India and discover a beautiful green world. As you go on wildlife tours to the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary you will notice tiny colorful butterflies flitting on sweet flowers and pretty shrubs. Elephants roam freely here and tigers are sighted occasionally. Various species of deer, monkeys, birds etc also live here. The trees and plants in the sanctuary are typical of the south Indian moist deciduous forests and west coast semi evergreen forests. A drive along the road to Muthanga and further, offers chances to watch these roaming animals. Elephant rides are arranged by the Forest Department. The entire area of Muthanga is covered with dense rainforests with vegetation and a large variety of exotic flora and stretches of tea and coffee plantations that spread over with the aromatic scent all over the Wayanad hills. Elephant safari is available in Muthanga. Muthanga is actually the ideal place for viewing the wildlife. During June to October is the suitable time to visit Muthanga.

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