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Altitude : Above sea level

Tourist Season : October to March

Clothing : Cotton Clothes

Temperature : Min. 20 c - Max. 35 c

Location: Latitude : 10 00' N Longitude : 76 25' E

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Shornur and Palakkad

When we think about Palakkad, it is most important that Palakkad / Palghat is known as the granary of Kerala. The name Palakkad literally means the land of palm trees. It is a beautiful land with paddy fields, forest, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, dams etc. Situated near the Western Ghats, eight of the Kerala Rivers originates here, the most important one of them is Bharathapuzha or Nila.

This river has an influence in the art and culture of Kerala. Some of the famous writers like Thunjathu Ezhuthachan, M.T. Vasudevan Nair, P. Kunjiraman Nair are from Palakkad in Kerala. Theyhave a deep affection for this river. Palakkad has incluenced much for the rich tradition of art and culture Kerala. Palakkad has several tourist attractions and historic monuments which attract a good number of tourists. Palakkad is also known as the gateway of Kerala as people can come and go from either side of the state and ouside the state also.

Palakkad in Kerala

Palakkad in Kerala has a beautiful natural beauty which allures tourists every year. There are several tourist attractions in Palakkad. Apart from the scenic beauty, Palakkad has several historic monuments. The Palakkad Fort, The Tipu Sultan's Fort, The Jain Temple etc are some of them.

The Malampuzha Dam and Garden is approximately 10 Km. from the city of Palakkad. There are several small villages in Palakkad which are engaged in agriculture mainly paddy. As Palakkad is situated near Tamil Nadu, in some areas people have the influence of Tamil, they speak mainly Tamil. The Palakkad people are mainly engaged in agriculture.

Palakkad has several places which are important tourist destinations. Chittur, Attappady, Dhoni, Kalpathy, Mangalam Dam, Nelliyampathy, Pattambi, Thrithala, Mannarghat, Kollengode, Lakkidi are some of the major places in Palakkad. In the rural areas of Palakkad there are paddy fields for a pretty good area.The Silent Valley National Park is an important tourist destination in Palakkad. Silent Valley is a tropical forest where tiger, deer and several other endangered species are preserved. The Malampuzha Dam also attracts several people in Kerala. The Palakkad Fort and the Tipu Sultan's Fort are in Palakkad. The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary also attracts several people.

As Palakkad lies near to the Western Ghats, the weather here is tropical. The weather in Palakkad is almost the same as in the other parts of Kerala state in most of the time. During the monsoon, ie., from June to September there will be heavy rain. It will be pleasant climate during September to February which is the ideal time for a visit. The summer during February to April will be too hot here.

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