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Wayanad Tourism

Wayanad is a most important tourist place in Kerala. Being a hilly area surrounded by rivers and forests, Wayanad has a distinct scenic beauty. Apart from this scenic beauty, Wayanad has several ancient ruins, mysterious caves and forest trails which is attracted by many people from around the country. Several tour programmes are conducted by the government and the private tourist companies.

Tourism in Wayanad has been tremendously developed during the last few years which has earned a good amount of income to the state's economy. Several resorts and hotels have been come up in this area as a result of the increased rate of tourists to Wayanad. Wayanad tourism offers a visitor with sightseeing of exciting natural beauty. Tourism in Wayanad has developed to a great extent in the recent years.

Several tour packages to Wayanad are envisaged by the government and private tour operators in the state. Tour packages such as Wayanad Holiday Packages, Wayanad Honeymoon Packages etc. are some of them. One can easily fetch a tour package to Wayanad through the net. There are daily trips conducted by several tour operators from Kochikode and Cochin. Packages which are suitable for your budget are available on net. Once you visited Wayanad, the memory of the experience will be an evergreen one in your mind.

Several travel and tour companies are operating throughout the state conducting travel to Wayanad. Wayanad can be reached by bus from Kozhikode, which is the nearest railway station in Wayanad. It is through roadways only that one can reach Wayanad. The journey through the exotic paddy fields, plantations and the forests will be a different experience to anyone who visits Wayanad. As a result of the tourism development in Wayanad, the flow of tourists have been increasing during the last few years. Several hotels and resorts have been set up in Wayanad with state of the art facilities.

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