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Yoga Training In Kerala

Yoga practice is rampant in Kerala. People here attach more importance to Yoga and it is considered as important as Ayurveda, since Yoga-built bodies are no entry zones for ailments & lifestyle diseases.

Yoga, a 5000-year-old Indian practice that tones muscles and strengthens bones has spiritual benefits. Derived from the Sanskrit word, "Yoga" (meaning "union") is a combination of physical and mental exercise designed to improve health, hone ones concentration, and attain N*I*R*V*A*N*A (eternity).

Modern lifestyle is built up with stress and conflicts and there is disharmony in the body (physical) and mind (mental) bringing spiritual conflict to the soul. All illness is the result of disintegration in these two.

There are several institutions in Kerala for Yoga Training In Kerala and yoga classes in Kerala. Several Yoga ashram in Kerala have been set up.

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