What Makes People from Kerala Look Different?

Kerala girls are renowned for their curvaceous figures and big eyes. Learn more about why people from Kerala look different with this expert SEO article.

What Makes People from Kerala Look Different?

Kerala girls are renowned for their curvaceous, well-shaped figures and big, round eyes. They are usually a couple of tones darker than those in North India, but this doesn't detract from their striking appearance. Kerala girls are bolder and tougher than other girls in the state and almost as daring as girls from other metropolitan states. It is said that the people of Kerala consume the highest amount of alcohol per capita in India, and it is believed that the alcohol they drink is indigenous to them.

Most people in the north simply consider people from Kerala as 'madrasi', not knowing the difference between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There is something even more important and memorable that defines Kerala and goes beyond the surface. This gave economic and social freedom to the majority of the population, allowing them to focus on other areas of development. The Gulf of Kerala diaspora refers to the people of Kerala who live in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf of Western Asia.

The climate and natural beauty of Kerala make it difficult to feel bitter in such a beautiful place. This makes a big difference in how visitors are treated as tourists when they travel around Kerala. People from Kerala are known for their hospitality, always willing to give back, make people smile, make sure everyone has food in their belly or even just help with directions. There are a lot of Telugu and Mallu in Tennessee (and in popular culture), and some words in Malayalam and Telugu are common knowledge in Tennessee.

It seems that there is also a much lighter skin complexion in Kerala compared to the other states in the lower and middle parts. Christianity has been present in Kerala since its inception; it was not brought by colonizers, but by biblical figures. Although it is difficult to tell since most visits to Kerala are short trips, it is said that people from Kerala are very relaxed.

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