Discover the Wonders of Kerala, India

Discover why Kerala is one of India's most beautiful states - from its stunning nature & Ayurvedic practices to its high ratio of women to men & responsible tourism initiatives.

Discover the Wonders of Kerala, India

On the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. With its breathtaking beaches, lush backwaters, and majestic temples and palaces, it is no wonder why it is known as “God's own country”. At Kerala's new Amal Tamara, well-being is a way of life. For me, the main reason to visit Kerala is its stunning nature.

Travel deeper and immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle of Kerala, India. Beyond the stunning landscape lies a fascinating human connection that is in harmony with nature. These are just a few of the reasons to visit incredible Kerala, India. India is home to the wonderful Ayurvedic practices that many people follow diligently.

This pious tradition still has its roots in the state of Kerala. Due to its incredible climate and the countless blessings of nature, an overwhelming amount of herbs and spices are grown here. Research by the National Bureau of Sample Surveys has shown that Sikkim and Kerala are the cleanest states in India. Everyone I traveled with in Kerala who had visited Sri Lanka before said exactly the same thing.Many people in Kerala spend part of their adult lives outside India to earn money, which could also be a reason why they better understand different cultures and are more open to international visitors.

And if you want to learn a little more about traditional ways of life in rural Kerala, there are several local villages you can visit. I have been able to have great conversations about what life is like in Kerala and that, for me, is an important part of traveling and learning about different cultures. The whole nation is proud that Kerala can read and write; that's a factual detail about this state in South India.However, where a lot of people come to India to see impressive temples and historic sites, that's not Kerala. I was surprised at how well most people in Kerala speak English, how open they were to talking to me, as a woman, and how respectful they seemed, even when I was walking alone.

And even if Ayurveda isn't your main reason for visiting Kerala, at least try an Ayurvedic massage once. Kerala is blessed with beauty and was the place of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is why it is called God's own country.Kerala is probably best known for its backwaters, an extensive network of lakes and inland canals that extends over 900 kilometers (560 miles). Kerala is really beautiful and I can definitely recommend visiting it, even if you think India isn't for you. One of the best ways to get to know Kerala is to spend time with the locals and experience their culture first-hand.

Kerala is a pioneering state in terms of its responsible tourism initiatives, which help improve the quality of life of its inhabitants by minimizing its ecological impact and creating social initiatives.There are hundreds of reasons to visit Kerala, India, but three in particular really stand out among the rest. In the country, Kerala and Pondicherry have the highest ratio of women to men, with Kerala leading the way.

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