Discovering the Unique and Different Kerala

Kerala is a narrow strip of land located on India's southwestern coast known for its picturesque coconut trees & lush hills. Discover its unique characteristics & features like Munnar Hill & Muzhappilangad coast.

Discovering the Unique and Different Kerala

Kerala is a narrow strip of land located on India's southwestern coast, known for its picturesque coconut trees, fresh backwaters, lush hills, green landscapes and relaxing Ayurveda. It is a state of natural splendor, with many unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Munnar Hill is a beautiful and cool area, where most of the landscape is covered by abundant tea plantations that look like a huge green labyrinth surrounded by 3 rivers. The bushes are kept at this height to make it easier to pick up the leaves.

This area isn't that hot and is ideal for hiking and cycling. Along the Malabar coast, there are many beautiful beaches surrounded by coconut trees, making them a perfect place to enjoy the Arabian Sea. Throughout our expedition, we had the opportunity to visit all kinds of places, such as beaches, lakes, forests and hills, all of them beautiful and quiet. Kerala also has music schools where even the youngest attend and help to keep these cultural traditions alive.

Horns and drums are the most used instruments during their dances and celebrations. Ayurveda is a traditional and historic system of medicine that has its roots in Kerala and is believed to date back 5000 to 10,000 years ago. It is based on the theory that illness is the natural result of living in harmony with the environment and states that we must keep our bodies clean and pure. Kerala has the highest level of physical quality of life index, with a high level of literacy, low infant mortality and longevity.

Women are at the forefront of social activities, and there have been no cases of handcuffs being burned. The Education Bill of the Kerala Education Act of 1958 was presented at the Kerala Assembly by its then Minister of Education, Professor Joseph Mundasseri. We loved discovering this part of Kerala, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and camping under the stars in Kolikkumalai. Kerala's backwaters consist of a network of serene, turquoise streams and canals, all beautifully woven together.

Schools in Kerala are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Indian Secondary Education Certificate (ICSE), the Kerala State Board of Education or the NIOS. National Geographic's Traveler magazine included Kerala in its list of the ten paradises of the world in its 1999 edition. Kerala's forested highlands abound with tea, coffee, rubber and spice plantations and wildlife reserves. Thenmala also has the first butterfly safari park in Asia, created by the Kerala Forest Research Institute.

Even today, with the modernization of medicine, Kerala uses ancient Ayurvedic techniques to combat and cure most of its diseases. Built in 629 AD, the first mosque in India The Cheraman Juma Mosque is located in Methala, Kodungallur, Kerala.The Muzhappilangad coast is Asia's longest coastline and India's only beach that can be reached by car. While in other parts of India it rains in July, Kerala sees it around the first week of June every year followed by Mumbai and Delhi. Even in remote villages in Kerala you'll find banking and healthcare facilities.Kerala is known for its enchanting bodies of water that take the form of canals, backwaters and rivers.

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