Exploring the Unique Culture and Traditions of Kerala

Kerala is a state in India known for its unique culture & traditions. It is a popular tourist destination with sandy beaches, backwaters & mountain resorts. Read more about what makes Kerala different.

Exploring the Unique Culture and Traditions of Kerala

Kerala is a state in India that is known for its unique culture and traditions. It is a popular tourist destination, with sandy beaches, backwaters, mountain resorts, Ayurvedic tourism, and tropical vegetation as its main attractions. The city of Trivandrum is especially renowned for its religious tolerance. Kerala's birds include the Malabar trogon, the Great Hornbill, the laughing thrush from Kerala, the dart and the myna of the southern hills.

We loved discovering this part of Kerala, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and camping under the stars in Kolikkumalai. There also seems to be considerably lighter skin in Kerala compared to other states in the lower and middle parts.The inhibitions caused by a series of wars between Chera-Chola in the 11th century led to the decline of foreign trade in Kerala's ports. A significant part of Kerala, including the lowlands of the western coast and the plains of the central region, may have been under the sea in ancient times. The Malabar region, in the northern part of Kerala, was part of the Madras province of British India, which later became part of the state of Madras after independence.This in itself gave economic and social freedom to the majority and Kerala was able to concentrate on other areas of development.

Christianity in Kerala is as old as the religion itself; it was not brought by colonizers but by biblical figures. After being invited by the tourist office to discover Kerala through the Kerala Blog Express, I ventured out without my family and had another incredible encounter with this country for two weeks.According to the 1996 Human Development Report, Kerala's gender development index was 597, higher than that of any other state in India. Relaxation factor: I wouldn't know much about this since I only visit Kerala once every 3 or 4 years for short trips, but they really aren't that relaxing. Cold factor: climate and natural beauty, it's very difficult to feel bitter in a place as beautiful as Kerala.Kerala has focused more attention on the growth of the information technology sector with the creation of the Thiruvananthapuram Technology Park, which is one of the biggest IT employers in Kerala.

I promise you that Kerala will change your mind forever and will show you a beautiful side of this country.

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