Exploring the Unique Beauty of Kerala

From lush tea plantations to stunning beaches, explore some unique features that make this South Indian state so special. Learn about traditional music schools, Ayurveda medicine, rubber production & more.

Exploring the Unique Beauty of Kerala

Kerala is one of India's most cosmopolitan, secular and peace-loving states. It has granted incredible religious freedom to all its faiths, encouraging tolerance and even acceptance of the religious and cultural aspects of various forms of belief and worship. From its lush tea plantations to its stunning beaches, Kerala is a state like no other. Let's explore some of the unique features that make this South Indian state so special.Munnar Hill is a beautiful and cool area, where most of the landscape is covered by abundant tea plantations that look like a huge green labyrinth surrounded by three rivers.

The shrubs are kept at this height to make it easier to collect the leaves, making it an ideal spot for hiking and cycling.The Malabar coast is home to many beautiful beaches, surrounded by coconut trees. During our expedition, we had the opportunity to visit different types of places, such as beaches, lakes, forests and hills, all of which were beautiful and quiet. Kerala is also known for its traditional music schools, where even the youngest attend to help keep these cultural traditions alive. Horns and drums are the most used instruments during their dances and celebrations.Ayurveda is a traditional and historic system of medicine that has its roots in Kerala and is believed to date back 5,000 to 10,000 years ago.

It is based on the theory that illness is the natural result of living in harmony with the environment and affirms that we must keep our bodies clean and pure.Kerala has been a place of greenery and natural splendor since the beginning of time. Its unique geography makes it one of the main beneficiaries of the South-West Monsoon, with a uniform climate throughout the year. Blessed with 44 rivers and the imposing Western Ghats, it should have been a “must-see destination” for centuries.From the backwaters of Alleppey to the untouched forests of Silent Valley and the mountain resorts of Munnar, Kerala is truly a unique destination. Take a day to breathe it all in and maybe also pamper yourself at an Ayurveda house.Kerala also stands out from other states in India due to its high ratio of women to men - with Kerala leading the way.

This is one of the most important facts about Kerala, as it sets it apart from the rest of the country. While many states in India struggle with female feticide, this South Indian state clearly gives us something to be proud of.India is ranked fourth in the world when it comes to rubber production - with 90% coming from Kerala itself. Approximately 5.45 hectares of land have been taken from the state to grow rubber trees.Kerala was formerly known as Keralaputra and was mentioned by Asoka the Great on a rock in the 3rd century BC. People love coming to Kerala because it's cleanest and has some of the most impressive views in the whole world.Research conducted by the National Bureau of Sample Surveys has shown that Sikkim, like Kerala, are among India's cleanest states.

When planning your trip, remember these intriguing facts about Kerala and add a little more excitement. Take a walk in the countryside and discover its popular spices (cardamom, pepper, cinnamon) or go into its forests and sanctuaries to witness its diversity.The temple complex at Guruvayur is one of Kerala's most frequented tourist attractions. Explore these amazing facts about Kerala before planning your vacation in this South Indian state - with picturesque views and a culture-driven population, a vacation in Kerala would be unforgettable.

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